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Snake Blocks

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Snake Blocks has a dedicated website, a Facebook page, and is on Steam Greenlight!

You can also check out the Snake Blocks Presskit


What is Snake Blocks?

It's an innovative 3D puzzle game in which the player must push, pull, and twist the Five Friendly Snakes to connect them to their target blocks. It is being released for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS devices, and is developed with Unity. Snake Blocks features over 50 hand-crafted, mind-bending levels, which will keep you Snaking for hours!

Is it pretty?

You bet your snake it is. Snake Blocks sports a clean, clear visual style composed of carefully-chosen patterns and colors. Just look at those snakes shine!

Anything else?

Snake Blocks comes with a built-in, full-featured level editor, which allows you to create your own levels to play, and even share them with your friends to torment challenge them!

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